Michelle Obama was one hell of a First Lady! Not only did she do her best to keep our kids fit and eating well, but she also presented a version of Black, feminine power we may not soon see again in the White House. She also PERFECTLY captured our emotion with that epic side-eye she sported during Donald Trump’s inauguration as if to say “THIS is the dude you want to follow up hubby’s eight-years?!?”

You know the look:

And while Michelle says her trademark shade was actually an attempt to hold back tears, we like to think she was clairvoyant and knew Trump was about to get up to some nonsense. Like what, you ask? How about this CNN story that says his administration is “discontinuing a signature girls education initiative championed by former first lady Michelle Obama.” 

Specifically, it’s the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which worked to help girls in developing countries get better access to education, that may be on the chopping block.

We say “may,” because the Trump campaign is DENYING it, but CNN stands by their reporting based on an internal Trump memo that says the program is ending.

Ooof! This makes us mad! If only we could show our profound disappointment and concern with a single facial expression. Hmm, what would that loo —

TELL US: Do you believe the Trump administration when they say they are NOT cancelling “Let Girls Learn?”