UPDATE: The Huffington Post is reporting that Roy Oliver, the policeman who shot and murdered 15-year-old Jordan Edwards by shooting into his car, has been charged with murder. Oliver has yet to turn himself into police custody.

Ever had one of those moments where you’re so angry you could scream and cry at the same damn time! This is DEFINITELY one of those moments.

This 15-year-old child, Jordan Edwards, was shot dead by a Balch Springs police officer Saturday night while driving with four other teens. According to the Police Chief Jonathan Haber, the officer arrived on scene to investigate a house party when gunshots were heard outside. The officer thought the car was driving backwards, fleeing the scene, and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle.

During Tuesday’s news conference, Chief Haber announced the officer, Roy Oliver, is now officially fired. He violated numerous department policies, which they discovered after an internal investigation into the shooting. Charges seem highly likely.

At the initial press conference, Chief Haber said the officer’s actions “did not meet our core values,” the Dallas News reports. Seriously? That’s what you have to say after robbing this unarmed, young man of his life. What do we do? Where do we go from here?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Chief Haber initially said the teen backed down the street, fleeing the scene. He updated his account later to say the vehicle was not avoiding the police. The teens heard shots at the party and decided to leave before something worse happened. Well, it happened.
  2. The officer, Roy Oliver, has now been named and fired, after formerly being on administrative leave. The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the district attorney’s public-integrity unit are currently investigating the homicide.
  3. There is body cam footage, but it hasn’t been released. All Balch Springs officers wear body cameras and all vehicles have dashboard cameras.
  4.  Jordan Edwards, a freshman in high school attended this end-of-the-school-year party with his brother and three friends. After the party, his brother sat and watched from the passenger seat as a bullet struck him in the head.

TELL US: Do you think charges will be filed against the officer, Roy Oliver?

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