Dear Darling Nikki,

I keep coming in contact with an old flame and although he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend do you think it’s dangerous for us to keep in contact with each other and possibly meet?


Seriously Considering

Dear Seriously Considering,

Take a hint from your girl… ME… DON’T DO IT.  I say this because do you know how many ex-flames turned baby mommas and baby daddies are walking the planet because somebody just wanted to see their old flame just one more time.  Do you want that for your future or a child’s?

He is in your past for a reason.  Keep him there.  I really hate when dudes pop out of nowhere months sometimes years later only to see what you are up to or to gloat that they NOW have a girlfriend. Funny how folks are now in committed relationships but you were just a “flame” (your words not mine).

Don’t disrespect your current boyfriend (who at least gave you a title better than flame) or upset your karma by looking for a dude that has a girlfriend.  KEEP IT MOVING FULL SPEED AHEAD!

It’s nice to reminisce…in your mind but when you take it to talking and possibly meeting up and you both are dating other people it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Someone is bound to get hurt.  I would definitely advise against it. 

Is this ex-a*S worth you messing up your current situation?  I doubt it.  I bet if you two do meet and he gets what he wants (some side action) you probably wouldn’t ever hear from him again … or it will be in a couple more months or years when he announces he’s getting married and you sure don’t want to know that one. LOL! #TRUETALK

Concentrate on your PRESENT relationship and keep your PAST where it belongs- BEHIND YOU.


Darling Nikki

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