OK, this story JUST hit the web so we don’t have complete confirmation but it LOOKS like Serena Williams may be pregnant!

Peep this pic she posted to Snapchat with the caption “20 Weeks.”

Now, before we you hyperventilate, keep in mind Nicki Minaj also posted a cryptic message a while back that had everyone trying to get on her baby shower list only to be misled by a joke.

That said, Serena’s usual six pack DOES look a little round but this could also be a post-burrito binge pic and she’s just playing with us. Considering that Serena JUST got engaged, we wouldn’t be surprised. And between Janet Jackson just giving birth and Beyonce due sometime soon, we are coming down with a serious case of baby fever!

TELL US: Do you think Serena is really pregnant or just playing with us?