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UPDATE: The film is definitely happening and it will include Eddie Murphy! According to reports, the cult classic, Coming To America is coming back into our lives for the second time! So far on board  for the sequel is director Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) and writer Kenya Barris (Black-ish) , but most importantly, Eddie Murphy has his hands in the development and is expected to star!

We have to wonder though, will the sequel focus on a new generation or be a continuation of Prince Akeem’s journey?

It’s hard to discuss memorable Black films without mentioning Coming to America.

Even more worthy of conversation is the rumor that the Eddie Murphy classic may be coming back for a part two.

Yes! According to reports, Paramount pictures is finally taking necessary steps to make the film happen. And don’t worry, the film will have its original creative team on board: The studio has hired original writers, Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, to write the film’s next chapter.

So far Eddie Murphy has not been confirmed, and you already know—no Eddie, no bueno. If they can’t get Eddie Murphy on board they might as well halt production now:

However, TMZ reports that Murphy posted and deleted this tweet, so his presence seems promising??:

TELL US: Are you excited for the sequel announcement or should we leave well enough alone?

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