Thanksgiving is so close I can smell the bird cooking!   Better yet, I can ALMOST taste it.

But before you go dreaming about your holiday feast, let’s talk about who’s coming to dinner and how to get ready.

Whether you’re the date or the hostess, prepare your Thanksgiving like Big Mamma prepares the turkey and this could be a year to remember (in a good way). Avoid any Thanksgiving drama with my tried and true Thanksgiving tips:

#1 / Does Your Invited Guest  (Or You) Need Special Attention in the Food Department?

If Big Mamma only cooks her collards in pork and your date (or you) is strictly against it, then you might have a problem.  Nobody wants to hear, “is that cooked in pork?” throughout the entire meal.  Also, old schoolers who enjoy pork might feel a little put off and offended, especially if your date (or you) cares to go on and on about this no pork rule.  Check the menu first and plan accordingly.

#2 / Does Your Date (Or You) Fit in With Family Traditions?

Is your date OK missing the football game since the TV will be on lock down by non-sports lovers or can he (or you) handle TV time with your dad, uncles and brothers?  Make sure you are considerate of WHAT situations you are putting your date in or at the very least, give him a heads up before he accepts. If you’re the one making the guest appearance, make sure you know the family dynamics before you decide to go.  Can you adapt if this is not your normal routine? Remember to grin and bear family traditions (like fixing plates) that you may not agree with.

 #3 / Can You Handle Messy Conversation?

If there is anything you haven’t divulged to your honey bunny and vice versa for whatever reason (like ex-lovers that still talk to family members, children, jail time, etc.)  please note, it may become a topic of conversation one way or another during the course of the Thanksgiving feast, especially if liquor is served.  If you know Aunt Bunny is a gossip and talks out of turn, BEWARE.  Know how to change the topic at the drop of a dime. 

Whether you decide to bring home your man for Thanksgiving or wait for an invitation from him to eat with his folks is strictly up to you but don’t do either unless you prepare!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

TELL US:  Planning to take HIM home for Thanksgiving or visit his family? Share how you are preparing.