A car ride 30 years ago is still haunting one Philadelphia inmate, who was convicted of a murder in the early 80s, but things are changing up thanks to new information on the case.

Terry Williams, who had recently turned 18 at the time of his arrest has been granted stay of execution.

Williams received a ride from 51-year-old Amos Norlan in 1984, which, ended in Williams killing Norwood.

In retrospect, Terry Williams being a youthful black man probably gave him a disadvantage to the courts, who would side with the elderly man.

New information about the case say Norwood may have molested children from his neighborhood and paid Williams for sex before his murder.

Judge M. Teresa Saramina said the prosecutor “played games” which is an understatement considering Terry Williams spent a lifetime in jail.

Saramina has arranged a new hearing before a jury to determine if Terry Williams should be executed.

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