Most people like to keep their cheating on the DL, but that’s not what Leonard did to his girlfriend Kourtney Jorge in a video posted by The Scene.  The viral video captures Leonard coming clean about his cheating while in a relationship with Kourtney, and what upsets us the most about this tense convo is that he apparently lost count of how many women he’s slept with.

Kourtney: “How many times did you cheat on me?”

Leonard: “I… I.. I don’t know.”

Kourtney: “If you had to say?”

Leonard: “I wasn’t counting.”

His response has set off a meme frenzy.

Oh, wait… you GOTTA see this sh*t to believe it.

Yes, Kourtney should’ve left him after finding pics and messages from other girls on his phone and computer.  Leonard — showing know remorse — has lit up the Twittersphere with dozens of #hurtbae comments, including rumors they attend HBCUs (Spelman College and Morehouse College) in ATL.

And although Kourtney “goes high” and decides to forgive him and move on… WE CAN-NOT. Hey, we DO NOT condone violence, but we saw this and it made us laugh.

In parting, we’re glad they are going (what appears to be) their separate ways. And as part of the healing process, we suggest this classic song be added to the top of Kourtney’s music playlist.

TELL US: How would you react if your boyfriend told you he was cheating?