Top 5 Grammy Moments As Ranked By Us

by jhill1010

February 13, 2017

Look, we know a thing or two about putting on a great live show (cough — 48th NAACP Image Awards — cough) so we decided to share our expertise on last night’s Grammys and highlight for you the top five moments of the night. You can disagree, but you’ll just be wrong.

5. Tamela Mann Kills It!

It was Chance the Rapper’s night (two wins!), but even he should know better than to share a stage with Mrs. Mann who absolutely tore the house down while collaborating with Kirk Franklin and Chance on “How Great” and “All We Got.”

4. Beyoncé Wins the Popular Vote

You know you’re a badass when your competitor wins and then cries ON STAGE about the fact that YOU should have really won. After winning “Song of the Year,” Adele literally said she couldn’t accept the award (she did) before launching into a speech that reminded us to listen to “Lemonade” again.

3. Bey Slay

Let’s be real, no one knew what was happening for the first five minutes of her performance. She seemed to morph in and out of herself while a group of women popped in and out of existence. At one point, Bey looked directly INTO OUR SOULS daring us to look away. We did not.

2. Bruno Earns His Purple Stripes

Last year, D’Angelo’s tearful tribute performance of “Sometimes It Snows in April” perfectly captured our collective mood: devastated. And while we’re still not over Prince’s passing, Bruno’s joyous rendition of “Let’s Go Crazy” last night reminded us that after a good cry, we must find time to celebrate (and wear frilly clothes).

1. Hip Hop Saves the Day

Sure, Katy Perry wore a “Resist” arm band, but Busta Rhymes wasn’t beating around the bush when he said “I want to thank President Agent Orange for his unsuccessful attempt at a Muslim ban.” And then a parade of Muslim men and women joined the stage while Q-Tip (also Muslim) rapped “We the People” a song denigrating a culture of fear. Who said old school rap was dead?


Come ON! Blue Ivy cheers for her mama while wearing a “Purple Rain”-inspired Prince outfit and cat purse? Check your pulse if this didn’t light you up.

TELL US: What were your favorite moments?