Peeling a kiwi can be difficult and quite messy. Even though it’s one of my favorite fruits, I often avoided them simply because I didn’t want to deal with having to peel the furry little things. One day a friend showed me a neat little trick for peeling kiwi in a matter of seconds and I’ve been using this method ever since. It really comes in handy when I’m making  tropical fruit salsa or kiwi popsicles!

You’ll Need:


Paring knife

Large dinner spoon

cutting board

Step 1.) Cut about ½ inch off both ends of the kiwi.


Step 2.) Gently insert a large dinner spoon between the peel and fruit.


Step 3.) Carefully slide the spoon all around the kiwi until all of the fruit is loosened from the peel.


Step 4.) Remove the peel from the kiwi. The peel should come off in one piece.


Step 5.) Slice and enjoy!