When we hear about celebrity breakups (especially Black celebrities) there is usually a slight pang we feel in our hearts.

When Nicki Minaj mentioned that she was no longer dating Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill, we didn’t feel  . . . anything, except maybe relief now that “Omeeka” was over:

Are we haters? Perhaps. Here are FIVE thoughts we were all thinking when Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill called it quits.

1. We wondered if this pairing was a publicity stunt for weeks.

2. For years Nicki claimed she was single when she was actually dating her hype man, Safaree. She claimed Meek Mill right away. Shady much?

3. Remember that one time “Omeeka” took a picture with Bey and Jay as if they were the next “it” couple? Yeah, nice try ?.

4. After Meek was dissed by Drake and The Game, we wondered how many more “L’s” Nicki would witness before realizing this relationship was bad for business.

5. These two are just entirely too petty to be together. See how Meek responded to Nicki’s “I’m single” tweet?

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