Dean ‘Deen’ – Schelene Kelso

Signature Dishes
Pan-Seared Salmon
Baked Chicken with Herb Sauce
Garlic Stir-Fried Brocolli

Shelby Booker- Daughter in Law
Gary Rafael- Hill -Son
Latrese Cowins- Cousin
Raymond Kelso- Husband

Schelene Kelso is a vivacious and confident mother of 3, who can “get it in, in the kitchen!” She swears people can eyeball her food and know if it’s hers and if it’s not, they won’t even taste it!  She refers to herself as the “black Paula Deen”, but her family refers to her as “Madea”, as she embodies her spirit and will great you with a “Heller,!” Schelene says there’s no competition when it comes to her, as she is born to win!