When the cast of  the highly diverse and inaccessible Broadway musical, Hamilton heard that VP-elect, Mike Pence was in the audience, they decided to cause a scene. Pun intended:

President-elect Donald Trump got wind of the address and wasn’t too happy about it:

So many things happened after this moment, it took us a a while to gather our thoughts. Here are 7 things we were all thinking:

1. We know that art often comments on politics, but talk about a bold move for the cast of Hamilton! Mike Pence didn’t even see this coming.

2. Were we the only ones surprised at how well Mike Pence responded to this message? Dare we say impressed?

3. Did you get your life after Ava Duvernay spoke up against Trump’s disapproving tweet?

4. #BoycottHamilton is cute. It’s only increasing promotion for the already highly sought after play, though.

5. How funny is it to see supporters of #BoycottHamilton target the Hamilton Theatre in Canada instead?

6. Yikes! Trump supporters don’t play! They already dug up dirt on Hamilton actor, Brandon Dixon.

7. Since people are boycotting Hamilton, anyone out there with the hookup? This may be a blessing in disguise.

TELL US: What are your thought about Hamilton after these chain of events? If you could, would you still go see it?