It’s Minnie Riperton‘s birthday!

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We could never forget the singer-songwriter with the soothing lyrics and perfect pitch that gave us this iconic love ballad:

Here are 10 thoughts we have whenever we hear this timeless record:

1. Did Minnie just perfectly capture the googly-eyed state of love and infatuation?

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2. No matter where you hear this song, you are instantly transported back to 1974 (the year it was released).

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3. Are we the only ones that try (and fail) to hit the high-note part? No one can do it as well as Minnie.

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4. Will this song EVER get old?

5. So wait, Solange wasn’t the first person to start the Baby’s breath/afro trend?


6. How cool would it be to see Maya Rudolph do a skit as her mom?

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7. This music video is beautiful but the performance is JUST AS magical.

8. Great! This song will be stuck in our head for the rest of the day. Dooten-Dooten-Do-Do!!!!

TELL US: What do you think of when you hear “Lovin’ You”?