Everyone is talking about Moonlight.

We heard so much about this Black “coming-of-age” story and contender for best movie of the year that we decided to check out the source of all the chatter:

Set in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, FL, Moonlight follows a young man named Chiron who is dealing with a number of issues: a mother on drugs, bullying, and self-discovery in three phases of his life.

What We Liked:

Cinematography: The movie is simply beautiful to look at (after all it is set in sunny South Florida). We especially enjoyed the scenes involving the beach and multi-colored night sky.


Authenticity: Usually when you see movies about Miami, you get the typical, glamorous “South Beach” treatment. This movie depicted a grittier side of Miami that only real natives could identify with.

Acting: Naomie Harris, who plays the mother of Chiron, played the hell out of her character! After watching her scenes you will either be thankful that this wasn’t your experience or be deep in your feelings because her scenes hit home for you.

giphy (86)

Subtlety: You have to pay very close attention to the dialogue in this movie, there are a lot of things being said, that aren’t being said.

giphy (88)

Courageousness: This part of the Black experience is very taboo and it’s about time someone was bold enough to tell a story like this one.

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What Drove Us Nuts:

Character Transitioning: Characters you grow to love in the movie disappear with a blink of an eye, with barely a mention.

Ending: After watching it you’re left kicking yourself: It ended like THAT? Then you realize that you were left wanting more and hoping that a (Netflix?) series would come of this.

Should You Go See It? YES. This movie tackles identity (sexual and general) from a Black male perspective that you’ve never seen before.


TELL US: Have You Seen Moonlight? What are your thoughts on this film?