office romance

It seems like a lifetime ago but I must admit I did partake in an office romance.  I was young and dumb and nobody schooled me! Even though I wore the title “girlfriend,” little did I know that the office romance rules still apply.

At first I was against dating someone at work.  He was gumpy and had no swag but his persistent was intoxicating and I eventually gave in.   He would come by my desk and EVERYBODY would notice how he looked at me.  I was eventually smitten and agreed to go out with him.  We quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend and everything was GOOD.  Or so I thought.

But GOOD doesn’t always last for long.

Pressures mounted from other co-workers for us to get engaged, plan a wedding and jump the broom.  He jumped all right. Right out of the relationship with me and back into the dating pool.  I think his confidence grew to accommodate the size of his growing head and eventually he was acting real funny.  

I’ll never forget the day he asked me to meet him in the company parking lot.  I thought he was trying to make amends but I quickly learned he only summoned me outside to give me my personal items that I kept at his apartment.  THAT WAS COLD BLOODED! Imagine getting the relationship ax in the parking lot at work, being handed your belongings while holding your brown-bag lunch. Can you say TACKY?  Now I had to go back in the building, work and look as if nothing happened.  I should be an actress and not a sexpert!  That day I earned an Oscar…for real.

Years later, I had the pleasure of sitting 2 work cubicles away from the ex- office romance.  This time he was planning his wedding and a picture of his fiancé was promptly displayed on his desk with a loving message from his soon to be wife.    Imagine going thru that EVERY DAY for months (on average it takes about a year to plan a wedding).  I knew every detail of that event from his wedding menu, to what kind of cake the bride preferred to the day he was picking up his tux and it wasn’t because I cared or was being noisy.  The bottom line was we worked at the same company – different departments but nevertheless two cubicles away from each other.  I could not help but over hear.  DARLING NIKKI WARNING:  Cubicles are not private and you CAN hear.  If you think you are drowning out your very personal conversations at work with a TV or radio at your desk think again. 

It didn’t stop at the wedding planning.  A year after that I would have to see his car in the company parking lot daily with a shiny new baby seat to accommodate his newborn.  The same car he took me out on date’s in. #TrueFact

That’s an extreme case of dating at the office but true story no less. It does and can happen.  If things don’t work out, keep in mind that life does GO ON but in the meantime you just might be an office cubical away from hearing your ex plan a wedding or have a baby right before your eyes. Ask yourself can you handle it and is it REALLY worth it?

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