And with this tweet, our life is complete. Rap’s original artists are going on tour soon and we couldn’t be happier.

For those of you who weren’t around in the 80’s, this might not mean much but for us it is EVERYTHING! Eric B. and Rakim were the PREMIERE rapper and DJ duo around. Their lyrics to their first album “Paid in Full” should be tattooed on every hip-hop fan’s back (can you tell we’re serious about this?)!

Why? Because Rakim’s cadence and word play set the tone for modern rap (well, not including Trap acts — we’re not sure who started that, or why). Before him, rhymes were almost elementary in structure and still mimicking the call-and-response style of house party DJs. But Rakim brought in similes, metaphors and abstract thought that turned rap from party music into a legitimate art form.

You know what? We can’t really explain any of this. So behold, Eric B. and Rakim — bow down suckas!


TELL US: What old-school hip hop act would you most like to see on tour?