Let’s be honest. “Saturday Night Live” can be a mixed bag.

Some nights are good, some nights are great and a lot of nights are just plain “meh.”

Last weekend though, “Saturday Night Live” was ALL ON!

Like everyone else, we love the Clinton-Trump debate coverage (maybe more than the actual debates themselves) but it was the Black Jeopardy skit that really caught us off guard.

Typically, it’s just a sketch to make fun of White people for not knowing stereotypical things about Black culture — essentially, every “Black people do this, White people do that” joke from the 90s. But this week, they took the material in a whole different direction when Tom Hanks played a redneck contestant (complete with “Make America Great Again” hat).

Take a look:

Instead of simply making him the butt of the jokes, the skit showed how much Black folks and White folks agree on some things — namely conspiracy theories about keeping the general populace down and ignorant. Not to mention, our penchant for women with meat on their bones.

However, it’s how the skit ends that really drives the whole point home. When the category “Lives That Matter” pops up, all the fun and games end as we just KNOW this is the line in the sand between us. For all our shared paranoia, some issues just run too deep . . . at least for now.

TELL US: What did you think of the sketch? Were you offended or entertained?