We’re not the only ones fighting temptation when we see this sign:

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Shaquille Oneal‘s obsession with Krispy Kreme donuts lead him to actually owning his own franchise! The staff at a historic location in Atlanta (the place has been open for 60 years) will now have the NBA living legend to answer to:

Although Shaq is no stranger to the food franchise business (he has done business with Five Guys and Auntie Anne’s in the past), according to ESPN he still regrets the day he turned down the opportunity to have a Starbucks franchise from the CEO.

“So I looked at the great Howard Schultz’s face and said, ‘Black people don’t drink coffee, sir, I don’t think it’s gonna work,” O’Neal told reporter Graham Bensinger last year. “And you should have seen the look on his face.”

We found a video of Shaq from 2009 that further illustrates his long-term love affair with the O-shaped dough.

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