You saw NBA player Derek Anderson go one-on-one with a boy named Bub on Save My Son. We caught up with Anderson after the show to find out what he know about Bub’s progress and his take on parenting troubled children.


 What was it like being on Save My Son and working with Dr. Perry?


The opportunity was great.  It was like a true calling for me. People didn’t really know my life story so when they asked me to be on the show it hit home with me that I could share my story and maybe help someone.

Dr. Perry really got things out of me, things that were buried. My struggle was something I didn’t really talk about or share before that show.



What’s your prediction for Bub, the boy you sat with? Have you been in contact since the show?


Yeah, we talked a couple of times since the show, after his first fight and the show premiere. I think he’s doing great.  Just him saying that he wants to change is better, it’s the first step. Now, his environment and decisions have to change as well. He seems to be doing well, but this is not a quick process.

I really want to see him do amateur boxing, graduate high school, get into college – he needs to have an education beyond his athletic dreams. I hope he’s got a good direction on what he wants to be in life.


What do you say to all the single, Black mothers out there with sons that might need saving?


The love from a mother lasts forever, don’t be afraid to discipline them.  Support everything that your kid does and lead by example. That’s the biggest issue, to me. Some parents say don’t do something, but they do it. Or worse, the kid follows something the boyfriend is doing.

These kids need male role models. And they are around, but a lot of parents don’t want to do the work to find them, they just want to live their lives.

The worst part is that negative behavior is given too much praise.  Back in the day, when we were growing up, negativity was something you stayed away from. And I’m not just blaming the youth though, it’s society as a whole.

If I saved your life the news would only run it for 30 seconds. If I took your life, they would run it for 30 years.

It’s sad.