Father in the kitchen with his children/ daughters

Having a sugar daddy is no new phenomenon – we’ve all heard of them or perhaps had one or two in our life time.  But what about a sugar mommy who takes care of her man?

The ”kept man” is just that.  KEPT.  He is taken care of by someone else.  He doesn’t work.  He doesn’t cook or clean. He is there to provide companionship and you know what else (wink. wink). 

My gal pal’s ex is now a kept man and I think she dodged a bullet.  When they were dating he was always broke but he had his own place. Now, he stays home all day, unemployed while wifey works. I don’t think this buster is even looking for a J.O.B. and why would he?

But is a kept man married?  When a kept woman is married she is simply referred to as a housewife.  Maybe if you’re a kept man you’re a house husband? (*Side eye)

With the cost of daycare, it might not be a bad idea for SOME ONE to stay home if babies are involved but if there’s no car seat in your ride or highchair in your kitchen should he work if your salary commands that he doesn’t have too?  How would you REALLY feel if you bought home the bacon, fried it up in a pan, cleaned the kitchen and the entire time he sat on the couch and played XBOX?!??

I am not feeling the “kept man” but I know a few males that don’t have a problem with it.  They move in with their girl when funds are funny but mind you, this was the same brother that barely spent the night when his money was flowing.  (*side-eye)

I personally think that the man has to contribute in some form and that includes financially even if I am PAID.  If he lost his job, he needs to be looking.  If he is home watching the babies all day can he at least clean up and fix dinner?  That is what at the very least is expected of a house wife.

Ladies- don’t fall for this “kept man” foolishness if he is able to work even if you can AFFORD to foot the financial responsibility for the entire household.  In my opinion, a woman doing all this and coming home to a man playing video games is simply working herself into an early grave.  No man or relationship is worth that.

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