I keep hearing real-life stories about my beautiful, educated and financially fit sisters purchasing their own engagement rings and/or forking over all the cash for elaborate weddings. If this is the NEW trend then I’m going to stay out of style for a long long time.

I’m all for the independent woman that takes pride in paying her own bills but I have to put my foot down at paying for my very own engagement ring and/or the entire wedding. I hate to report such craziness but this is no urban rumor. As far as I’m concerned, this is straight foolishness but I have more than one accurate account to back up this modern day shenanigan.

My man “Mr. Ten” has told me on several occasions that he knows several women who have purchased their own engagement rings without hesitation. Really?!! For the record – “Mr. Ten” and anyone else who is listening,it’s not going down like that over here! I might have paid for a date or two but a ring and wedding all on me….crazy!

In a heated debate the other night, Mr. Ten said “all you women care about is the ring.” Maybe he is right. Some women care so much about “the ring” that they are willing to pay for it themselves for appearance sake. It’s been explained to me that some women don’t mind paying because in many cases they make more than their man or he is currently down on his luck and they don’t want to postpone their life together.

I’m not buying that! If that’s the case, WALMART sells affordable wedding bands. I mean do you really have to buy your own? And some people just wear the band and purely skip the engagement ring. I’m just saying… I bet you women who go this route can’t necessarily afford it any more than their partner can. They just want what they want, when they want it.

But who is more at fault? The woman who foots the bill or the man that allows it? Call me old fashioned but isn’t a man supposed to purchase your engagement ring? The wedding is up for debate because back in the day the bride’s family did pay but when did we start footing our own ring bills?

Just because you might earn more than your honey or may just be blessed in the how-to-save-money-for-a-rainy-day department, let your man be a man and purchase your ring. In some cases, I have heard of men purchasing a decent engagement ring all on their own but then the bride-to-be is not satisfied and upgrades the ring on her own dime. HUH?!?!!!

It’s not enough that he bought you a ring but now its not big enough?

If the woman purchases her own ring or adds money to it does this mean she is proposing to herself? I personally think this bride-zilla-in-the-making is speeding up the marriage process for a man that may sincerely love her but is not truly ready.

If you have to buy your own engagement ring for WHATEVER reason, my opinion is that he is NOT READY. Period.

Think about it. He can get a ring if he really wants to buy one just like he can get that car or those sneakers or that video game he has been eye-balling for months. If he’s short on cash and this is something he REALLY wants to do he will make a way. Trust me! He can get a side job, pack his lunch or yes, even put it on lay-away. Don’t laugh, my girl’s engagement ring was on layaway but my point is HE purchased it, NOT HER.

TELL US: Have Any Of Your Gal Pals Purchased Their Own Engagement Rings? Do You Think That is Strictly a Man’s Job?

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