I understand that money is tight these days so if traveling abroad is NOT in your budget, don’t fret.  You and your man can still have a great summer vacation right in your own backyard, literally.

A stay-cation might be just what your heart and wallet need right now!  If you think a stay-cation is corny, think again!  From one diva to another don’t knock it until you’ve tried it and done it RIGHT.  

Staging a stay-cation for two involves creativity and some planning but is well worth the effort.  Your honey will be so impressed he’ll be getting tickets for the real thing sooner than you think.

From weekend get-a-ways to straight transforming your living quarters to an exotic location, my three top tips will have you getting your stay-cation on sooner rather than later. 

Step 1:  Clean House

Before you go buck wild with an all-out stay-cation do a thorough house cleaning to see what you have and what you need.  This home inventory of sorts will jar your memory of what’s lurking in the closets and cupboards and may even help you come up with your destination.  Not to mention, help save you money.  Remember, a stay-cation should not cost a lot of money, if any at all and the key is to use items you have on hand. 

Step 2:  Book And Plan Your Itinerary

You are the captain of this stay-cation experience so after you have decided your theme, “book it,” and stay true to it.  For example, if you have decided on a tropical place, your outfit, food and beverages should also be tropical as well.  Great stay-cation themes can also include places you have already been together or a make-believe place just for the two of you.  My favorites include; Jamaica, Hawaii, Paris and the make believe “Blue Lagoon.” 

Step 3:  Arrive 

Now that your stay-cation theme is booked and in order, it’s now time for the two of you to arrive.  He will be so impressed with your creativity and attention to detail that all your hard work will be well worth it in more ways than one. 

Stay-cations come in all forms and don’t have to literally be at home if that’s not your cup of tea.  You can also stage an affordable stay-cation by lodging at a local bed-and-breakfast or by booking a near by hotel room.  Hotel deals can easily be found on the internet and the change of scenery will do your relationship wonders. Try to pick a hotel that has a pool (in doors if its winter), jacuzzi, massage services or within walking distance to local attractions. 

It’s no secret that vacations can be a lot of fun for couples. The thrill of doing new things together can only enhance what you two share.  But don’t get caught up in your destination and how much it cost or didn’t. You can achieve similar fun with a stay-cation and just being together!!!!!  And yes, just in case you are wondering… vacation sex  can be just as good on a stay-cation.

Bon Voyage!