After months of rumors going back and forth whether or not Lady Gaga will headline the upcoming Super Bowl, Monsters (what Lady Gaga calls her fans) can finally celebrate.

The halftime show at the biggest game of the year will indeed “go Gaga”, according to a tweet from the pop superstar herself:

Although we don’t doubt that Lady Gaga will tear the house down (or bowl, in this case) many have questioned if Lady Gaga is the “right” fit for the Super Bowl, the same way others have questioned if 2016 performer ColdPlay was.

With a new single revealed, “Perfect Illusion”, and a new album on the way, this announcement makes a lot of sense. Here’s a taste of what we’d probably get on the day of the biggest bowl:

TELL US: What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga performing at the halftime show of Super Bowl LI? What other artists would you like to see perform?