If you were to ask Lil’ Wayne about what it takes to make a successful record or a cup of lean, he might have an answer for you.

Ask him about his experiences with racism, and watch him draw a blank.

According to Birdman Jr.(can we still call him this?), he’s never experienced racism, largely due to his diverse fan base (which he claims a large portion are white.) Weezy mentioned this while sitting with the cast of Undisputed, a popular sports commentary show, during the topic of Colin Kaepernick and current race relations. Watch the clip below:

The hosts tried to save him from the statement but to no avail:

“Well, I don’t want to be bashed, cuz I don’t want to sound like I’m on the wrong — if there’s a side. But to me, I thought that was clearly a message that there’s no such thing as racism.”

This is definitely an interesting perspective from a black man from Louisiana (Alton Sterling, Hurricane Katrina) who doesn’t have the most clean-cut appearance (blonde dreads at the moment, with a permanent gold grill), but hey, if that’s HIS experience and opinion can we really argue?

Let’s just hope Roland Martin doesn’t find out about this…

TELL US: Should people within the Black community voice different perspectives on racism, especially if it conflicts with those of us who have experienced racism?