Let’s keep it honest, ladies. We know nice guys are what we need, but bad boys are what we want.

We want our bad boys to be multi-dimensional, though.

To catch our eye, not only does he need to have that bad boy flair and charm, he has to be able to express himself (artistically, musically, or both??), he has to be intelligent and well-versed (preferably in politics and social issues) and he has to love his mama (because if he doesn’t treat his mama right, how is he gonna treat you?Thinking Face)…basically, he has to be Tupac.

giphy (86)

And yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re way too grown and refined now to be seeking a bad boy, but seeing Tupac alongside bestie, Jada Pinkett-Smith, on A Different World, made us remember just how fun it was having a bad boy in our corner.


A “Piccolo” may not have been good for us, but he sure was fun! And are we the only ones that wonder if Tupac was still here (we still half-believe that he is) that there would be a Will and Jada? We’re just saying, “best friends” or nah?

TELL US: What is your favorite Tupac memory in music or film?