Whenever our vintage best friend (in our head) Solange hears a tune (from the 80’s and earlier, maybe?) that she likes, she dances.

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No complaints on our end. If only we could say the same for others.

Apparently during a Kraftwerk concert at the Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans, Solo and her family were attacked by a group of angry (Caucasian) women for standing up and dancing during a live performance. She recounted that a chewed-up lemon was thrown at her, all because she refused to sit and instead chose to enjoy that moment with her family. This prompted the retro singer-songwriter to pen an open letter on her website about black people feeling uncomfortable in predominately white spaces and the way that minorities are often spoken to by their white counterparts:


Um, attacking a Knowles? Don’t people know the Hive will come looking for them? Solange, you have the right to boogie wherever you please, especially at a concert!

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TELL US: What are your thoughts on Solange’s open letter? Do you often feel uncomfortable in spaces that are predominately non-black?