It’s safe to say that we lead the pack when it comes to telling the untold stories of the greatest  Black stars of the past and the present.

Some of us grew up with these artists while others (like millennials, who still have milk on their ?) are experiencing some of these classics for the first time!

We present to you the 90’s ON THE 80’s where millennials review clips and music videos from artists who have been featured on Unsung. Enjoy!

This week: Heatwave, Johnny Gill, Sly & The Family Stone, Next, and Montell Jordan 

Millennial: Ricardo (27) 


R- I like how easily these guys can transition from funk to smooth. I can see how people were getting pregnant to these kinds of records. It’s tender, feel-good music (which does not exist today) and bam!…someone is pregnant. And the falsettos! These guys had to really know how to sing, especially since (I guess) it was hard to fake vocals in these times.



R- Although technically I was born in 89, I really wish that I was a college student in the late 80’s, early 90’s when these kinds of songs came out. I can already imagine the house parties and all the slow dancing that would happen when this song comes on. Once again, someone ends up pregnant when these kinds of records get played.



R- Okay let me not get to lying…I had no ideas who these people were but I will say that they definitely had a cool and expressive style. I can tell that during this time, men weren’t afraid of bright colors, and shimmery fabrics. Hey, I can dig it!



R-Now this is a record I remember! I remember singing these lyrics as a kid and not knowing what they were talking about, and now that I’m older I wonder how in the heck these songs made it to radio. They managed to be straightforward but still under the radar for prepubescent minds.



R-What! This song STILL gets played. THIS IS… HOW…WE DO IT!!! And then everyone pretends that it’s the 90’s again and that they’re from the West Coast. I wonder how much royalties get made off of this song each year.