OK, we’re gonna need you to sit down for this because if this is true, you’re gonna lose your s**t.

Michelle Obama . . . may be . . . running for office.

for real

OK, that’s a STRONG “may be” since FLOTUS has a pretty public record of saying she is definitely NOT running for office. But that hasn’t stopped the Democratic National Committee from printing these “very presidential if we say so ourselves” bumper stickers this week:


Anyone who watched the Democrat’s Convention knows that Michelle KILLED IT with her speech (“house built by slaves”) in which she coined the phrase, “When They Go Low, We Go High” — which sounds like the name of a dope Rihanna song featuring Fetty Wap,  but we digress. The bumper sticker is fueling rumors that Michelle is looking to pull a Hillary and go from FLOTUS to POTUS one day. And while we have NO political experience whatsoever we have some strong cabinet appointments for her to consider.


President Michelle Obama’s Squad
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TELL US: Did we miss anyone? Who would you add to Michelle’s squad?