The first night of Democratic National Convention was a more than a little messy.

Bernie Sanders supporters, still unconvinced that Hillary Clinton should be the nominee, booed and disrupted the first night’s speakers including Cory Booker and comedian Sarah Silverman — who tried to squash the problems by telling the “Bernie or Bust” folks that they were being ridiculous.

Nothing seemed to work.

That is until FLOTUS stepped to the mic and expertly shut. ish. down.

Didn’t see it? OK, remember when you and your cousins were getting rowdy upstairs, and even though your aunt and uncle told you to cool it, you just didn’t. And then remember what happened when your mom stepped into the room? Yeah, that’s what happened.

So let’s break it down on how Michelle became every Black mother last night:

1. She walked in like a boss. Yes, she was smiling but it was that crazy-calm smile that let you know the next few minutes weren’t going to be all sunshine and strawberries.

2. Like any Black mom, she had to give us a little history lesson first just to make sure you KNEW how wrong you’d been.

3. Lastly, even though you’re feeling bad, she reminds you that your father and her fought TOO HARD to have you acting like fools because the world is watching you and you BETTER not disappoint.


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