It’s very common for celebrities to receive heat from their haters but where do these celebrities draw the line?

For our favorite Saturday Night Live comedian, Leslie Jones, the line gets drawn at racism and sexism.

Jones recently exposed all the disrespect she’s been receiving, for the Twitter world to see:

Jones later revealed a countless number of mentioned tweets, claiming that they involved disrespectful and racist comparisons to apes like Harambe, the gorilla killed in May by zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo:

Comparing black people to gorillas can be traced back to the olden days where our very own were drawn with apelike facial features. Whites would also dress in “black face” to ridicule us even more.Despite this knowledge, it seems like there are some who continue to use these types of jokes to hinder black people, Jones included:

Other celebrities quickly joined this bandwagon to proudly stand up for her like we all should:

TELL US: If you were Leslie, would you have exposed the haters or would you have dusted your shoulder off? We want to know!