You ever see something so beautiful, so . . . (kisses fingers) delicious that you can hardly believe it’s actually happening?

That’s how we felt watching D.L. Hughley drag the entire FOX News network during his appearance with host Megyn Kelly last night.

And you know it was gonna be rough, because D.L. was heated from jump after learning that Mark Fuhrman, the infamous LAPD officer accused of perjury during the O.J. trial was considered an expert on the recent shootings.

From there, things just went uphill leading to our favorite moment when Hughley says — TO CAMERA — “the only place racism doesn’t exist is FOX news and the police department.”

We. Were. Done.

But D.L. wasn’t, watch the clip:

TELL US: Do you agree with D.L.’s point that police are given the benefit of the doubt when average citizens are not?