Snoop Responds to Roland’s “Roots” Diss

by jhill1010

June 2, 2016

Snoop may be avoiding shows about slavery, but he DEFINITELY saw Roland Martin take him to task for dissing the new “Roots” series.

Yesterday, Snoop was BACK on Instagram with a short video response that . . . uh . . . we’re not quite sure what it is. The West Coast rapper starts with a genteel “Good Evening” and then starts repeating “nope, nope, nope.” We guess that means he’s refuting all the invites Roland made but it’s not clear.

What IS clear is that Snoop has little love for Roland as he uses a lot of potty mouth to jab at Martin. So now you know why we didn’t embed his post but you can watch it here.

The crazy thing is, we know this will not stop with Snoop because Roland is RELENTLESS so stay tuned for more shots fired soon.

TELL US: Should Roland respond or let this die before it gets any uglier?