We love and appreciate Moms everywhere but Black Moms are truly the queens of our hearts!

If you were lucky enough to grow up with a Black Mom, you can most likely relate to these 10 scenarios. And what better way to showcase what its like #GrowingUpWithABlackMom than with TV’s most popular Black Mom, Cookie Lyon!

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1. Your Mom goes on and on to her friends about how great you’re doing and her friends only have horror stories to tell about their kids.

giphy (6)


2. Your Mom finally allows you to date, but is never pleased with any of your choices.

giphy (7)


3. You pissed your Mom off in public but she can’t get to you like she wants to. Instead she gives you this look:

giphy (8)


4. You’ve gotten on your Mom’s LAST NERVE and she does one of these numbers before telling you to “go sit down somewhere.”

giphy (10)


5. It’s dinner time and you haven’t finished your greens. Where did you think YOU were going?

giphy (11)


6. Your Mom has to talk to you over and over again about the same thing and she says this…be prepared to run.


7. Another adult complains about you and you start to explain yourself:

giphy (13)


8. Your Mom is having the “birds and the bees” conversation with you and is saying EVERYTHING to make you choose abstinence… Forever.

giphy (14)


9. Your Mom gets a weird vibe that something is wrong with you because a Black Mom always knows.

giphy (16)

10. Does this even need a caption?

giphy (17)