Can y’all believe Janet is almost 55? Yes, you read right, 55.

And make no mistake about it, Janet is STILL the biggest sex symbol of our time.

Need a reminder? Here are 3 of Janet’s sexiest video moments that made us go Dammn Baby!

3. “Pleasure Principle”

What has to be the most iconic dance routine of Janet’s career, there is something really sexy about rehearsing choreography in an empty warehouse. Although she wasn’t overtly sexy, this was the first time we saw Janet in more form-fitting clothing, making teenage boys of the time (grown men now) wanna be Janet’s main squeeze.

2. “If”


This video was Janet’s breakout sexy moment. At the time, we still saw Janet as America’s innocent sweetheart (Remember Penny from Good Times?) and this was her initial “I’m grown” moment.

1. “All For You”

Talk about summer body goals! Janet was in great shape here, that mixed with the smile of an angel, no one would come close to the level of sexy that is Janet.

TELL US: What is your favorite Janet Jackson music video moment?

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