Actress, model, businesswoman — we know all of this when it comes to LisaRaye but the one dimension that we often forget is “mom.” After recently watching her reality show, we realized that her story is like so many of ours — a single mom just trying to make it happen. So we’re looking at past episodes to celebrate LisaRaye’s “momitude” (we made that up) and the mom-ents (that one, too) that made a difference.

Season 2, Episode 3

Mom-ometer Reading: 10 out of 10

LisaRaye was in full mom mode after learning Kai scored a modeling gig with Applebottom Jeans. And by “scored,” we mean LisaRaye hooked it up — but that’s what moms are supposed to do! What moms maybe shouldn’t do is try to bribe your new gig into getting you some free clothes.

Mom Goal: Radical Honesty

Can you imagine growing up with a sex symbol for a mom and watching your dates drool over her? As a mom, she knows that. “I think there was a little competition between Kai and I,” LisaRaye admits. But she sees Kai’s modeling career as a way of saying “I look just as good. And I’m like ‘yes you do.'”

Mom-ent: Booty Support

“Pop your butt up a little.” Not exactly the words of encouragement most moms offer, but this isn’t just any mom. And honestly, if you wanted your ass to look good on camera, who better to take advice from than LisaRaye. Is it weird if she’s your mom, maybe but results don’t lie.