Jeanine Daniels is an acclaimed director/producer/writer/actor based in Los Angeles.  Her groundbreaking web series, “The Couple,” was picked up for an HBO development deal.  She is also the creator of the wildly popular series, “That Guy,” which was the basis of her first feature film, released in December 2014, and its spinoff series, “Becoming Nia.”

She strives to feature diverse casts and stories that resonate with audiences of all ages, and is comfortable with comedy, drama and documentary.  She is currently working on several new series, producing music talent, and developing new features with emerging artists under her nine27 Entertainment shingle.

A Media Studies graduate of Pitzer College Jeanine spent a semester studying Mandarin and global media at Beijing University, previously worked at Warner Bros. and KCET, and was a founding partner for Black & Sexy TV.