Dr. J. Drew Lanham is Black — and he is a birdwatcher.

Dr. Lanham is also a Professor of Wildlife at Clemson University and recently created a thought-provoking video titled Rules for the Black Birdwatcher.

In his film, Dr. Lanham explains the rules African-American bird lovers should follow to optimize their birdwatching experience.

During the clip shown Tuesday on TV One’s NewsOne Now, Dr. Lanham explains matter-of-factly to “Never wear a hoodie — ever” while birding and to carry two or three forms of I.D.

Lanham dons a camouflage birdwatching outfit, saying, “The word for an African-American in camouflage is incog-negro.” 

Dr. Lanham joined NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory to discuss why he produced his film and if the video is supposed to be funny, educational, or both at the same time.

Lanham told Ivory, “Hopefully it’s both at the same time.” He added, “It’s fine to laugh, but I want you to think about why you’re laughing.”

“The issues that I present are larger than just birdwatching,” said Lanham.

Watch NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory and Dr. Lanham discuss his film, Rules for the Black Birdwatcher, in the video clip above.

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