Cast Of “Things Your Man Won’t Do” Talk Relationships & Dish On The Star-Studded Stage Play


Members of the star-studded cast of the stage play “Things Your Man Won’t Do” stopped by the set of NewsOne Now to talk about the production and spent a little time talking about relationships.

Je’Caryous Johnson, playwright and creator, told Martin, “People hear ‘Things Your Man Won’t Do’ and they think it’s about a woman not getting what she wants, but at the end of the day, there is a reason that we as men don’t do certain things. Like coming around to marriage when they want us to come around to marriage instead of when we’re ready.”

Johnson continued:

“A man has phases to him. In my opinion, in my observation of my personal self, there is three phases to a man — a hoe, a hibernation, and a husband phase. That means we oscillate the backwards and forwards between these three phases.”

Martin, who does not believe that every man has been a “hoe,”  told Johnson, “Some of us have had character and stand in integrity,” to which Wendy Raquel Robinson, who stars as Katrina Bridges in the play, smiled and giggled as if to approve of Martin’s comment.

Johnson went on to say, “Men and women want the same thing, they want to be loved, appreciated, respected, told that we’re wonderful and play our respective roles and be confident in them.”

Watch Martin, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, known for her role on The Steve Harvey Show and BET’s The Game, actor Leon Robinson, best known for his role in The Five Heartbeats, and playwright Je’Caryous Johnson discuss the hit stage play, “Things Your Man Won’t Do,” as well as relationships, in the video clip above.

From Je’Caryous Johnson Entertainment:

R&B singer Joe proclaimed it in his hit song “All Of The Things Your Man Won’t Do

“Baby, I want to do, All of the things your man won’t do, I’ll do them for you”

And every woman gushed and imagined what that would be like. Now award-winning writer/director/producer Je’Caryous Johnson will bring that fantasy to reality with his hit stage play “Things Your Man Won’t Do” starring Tichnia Arnold, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Leon Robinson and Brian White.

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