We already showed you a whole gallery of celebrities that made the men in their lives wait for nookie but we bet you didn’t know some of our own R&B Divas may be locking their stuff down, too.

One of our newest R&B Divas, Stacy Francis, came clean about her own journey with sex . . . or lackthereof.

“I’ve been celibate for almost a year, and I think for me is because in the past, when I’m in a relationship, I use a lot of energy. I use it for creativity and work – my shows, music, talk show. I don’t know how to balance it yet. Either I do it for love or my career. My career hasn’t popped off the way I wanted to until now and that’s why I’m saving that energy.

(Abstinence) makes me focus more on myself, career, children rather than being absorbed in a relationship or a man. When you meet a guy, the first thing they want is a nude pic. But wait a minute, I just met you! It’s very different than it was many years ago and now social media and texting is so prominent, that it takes even MORE work for man to get me to bed than it used to. You can’t text me for a week without actually talking and expect anything. I need you physically in front of me before I take you to that sacred place. It’s disgusting. It’s a different game and I don’t know how to play it. See, I still love the romance, and dinner. I don’t want a pic of roses, I want the roses!”