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Jasmine Brand

Twitter Handle: @thejasminebrandWebsite: thejasminebrand.comAbout:

Jasmine Brand is the owner and editor of pop culture blog, Born and raised in the midwest, Jasmine spent years nurturing her love for journalism and writing, while becoming enthralled with consumers fascination with the world of ‘celebrity’. In pursuit of her career in journalism, she received a Bachelors of

Science in Mass Communications from Morgan State University. After graduation, she decided to put her journalism aspirations aside, deciding instead to focus on a more lucrative career in public relations and marketing. After spending a few years in corporate America, Jasmine decided to create an entertainment blog as a hobby, to fill her void for journalism and pop culture.

When she began securing interviews with A list entertainers and celebrities such as Joan Rivers, Chaka Khan, Spike Lee, Nick Cannon and Russell Simmons, her site’s traffic and notoriety took off at a rapid speed. After being sourced by respected media outlets like the Washington Post, MTV, Vibe and Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’,

Jasmine’s comfy corporate job discovered that their employee had a popular (and sometimes controversial) media outlet. They immediately asked her to choose between her full-time job, or her ‘hobby’. Stepping out on faith, she

quit her corporate job, venturing into entrepreneurship with nothing but her savings. Two and a half years later, Jasmine’s site ( continues to grow, along with Jasmine’s expertise in pop culture.

Jasmine is a journalist first, and a blogger second. Her objective, yet engaging writing style, combined with her practice for ‘responsible blogging’, has set her apart from the competition. Jasmine is one of the few bloggers who sources her information, reaches out to talent for official responses and posts retractions or corrections when necessary.

She’s one of the rare bloggers that breaks stories by sitting down for one-on- one personal interviews

with celebrities. Because of this, she has been well-sought after by brands, celebs and entertainment industry veterans alike.

To date, Jasmine has been featured on non-scripted reality TV, provided pop culture segments for national news show(s), hosted and moderated celebrity events, along with features in Black Enterprise and Vibe.


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