Meagan Good is well-known and adored for playing beloved roles in popular movies and television shows.

The veteran actress sits down to tell her story, her way, on an all-new episode of Uncensored. She reveals the lessons learned from 30 years in Hollywood and how she manifests the roles of her dreams.

Here are our top Meagan Good career moments!

1. Cousin Skeeter

If you’ve been following Meagan Good’s career, you probably LOVED her going on wild adventures with Bobby (Robert Ri’chard), Skeeter (Bill Bellamy), and her homegirl Nicole (Tisha Campbell) on the hit show, Cousin Skeeter!

Take us back in time so we can watch again please!

2. Eve’s Bayou

When it comes to Eve’s Bayou, if you know… you know!

We looooved seeing Meagan and our girl Jurnee Smollett share the big screen at such young ages. Although we loved the character Eve, we truly enjoyed seeing the film’s theme of unreliable memories plays throughout the acts of Cisely.

This film definitely played some tricks on us, making it one of our favorite Meagan Good films.

If you’ve never seem ‘Eve’s Bayou,’ what are you doing? Run and put it on now!

3. Deliver Us from Eva

We just love romantic comedies, and Deliver Us from Eva is one of our favorites!

Sure the film was pretty predictable looking back on it, but seeing the Dandridge sisters continuously take care of each other made our hearts sing.

Not to mention, each sister showed their own personality.

As we watched Eva (Gabrielle Union) bust her sisters’ significant other’s chops, can we agree that Jacqui and Darrell were our favorite couple out of the Dandridge sisters?

4. Waist Deep

Tyrese Gibson and Megan Good managed to keep fans glued to the screens, and interested in the film’s story.

Waist Deep is filled with so many action-packed scenes that had us hanging on the edge of our seats!

Tyrese can’t do any wrong as the main character, and Meagan Good was a standout supporting actress who complemented Tyrese well.

We loved seeing the great onscreen chemistry between them and we hope to see them in more films in the future.

5. Roll Bounce

To close our top 5 list is none other than Roll Bounce!

Roll Bounce is a film that perfectly brings back memories of your adolescent years during the last few days of the summer as you watch X (Shad Moss and or known as Bow Wow) and his friends just skating through their summer.

The film has a cast full of heavy hitters and everyone held their own. How can you not smile when you see X reconnect with his old crush Naomi?

We can’t wait to hear Meagan spill the tea, and get real… raw… and on Uncensored. What is your favorite Meagan Good role? Let us know below.

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