During Women’s History Month, the world highlights the contributions of women throughout history!

This year, TV One’s theme is celebrating the powerful women we come into contact with every day. Whether a family member or friend, we’re here to give our every day heroes their flowers.

Many of those women paving the way, uplifting, and empowering Black women, are actually behind our network.

Join us throughout the month of March, as we pull back the curtain to highlight our own! In Q&A style, learn more about some of the women who make things happen every day at TV One with their hard work and dedication.


SVP, Human Resources

What led you to TV One?

The history of our founder, my love for our culture and the nostalgia led me to TV One. I can recall the launch of the network and watching hours of the beloved sitcoms of the 70’s. Soon thereafter, I learned that TV One was based in Maryland and the stars aligned. 15+ years later, here I am, now SVP of Human Resources!

Why is it important for women to have a seat at the table, especially in the entertainment industry?

We all offer uniqueness as leaders, creatives, writers, storytellers, business advisors, and change agents. We are HERSTORY makers too!

Women face many challenges such as flexible hours, remote working, motherhood, and finding a work-life balance. How do you empower yourself and the women around you through it all?

I begin by empowering myself and women around me with the choice of “how “to be their own version of a SHERO. By recognizing the need for balance but the importance of accountability, I allow myself and other individuals the flexibility to determine “how” all the day’s task get completed as planned.

If you could only pick one, who is the most influential woman you know? How does she inspire you?

My mother is the most influential woman I know. As I was raised by a single mother, she has been my GPS in navigating life. I am a carbon copy when it comes to managing as a mother, big sister, advisor and friend; and to do so with grace and honor. She is a wonderful person, and I am so proud to be who I am—because of her.

Share a piece of advice for young women starting out on their career journey.

There will be career hurdles and stumbles, we’ve all had them. Remember to allow yourself forgiveness and use these moments as your practice to master your high jump in preparation for life’s obstacles.

What legacy do you hope to leave?

My hope is to leave a legacy of change through my voice and actions. This includes my efforts to open doors for jobs, mentorship, education and a feeling of empowerment for women and inspire the people that I touch to do the same.

“I am and will always be a catalyst for change”-Shirley Chisholm.

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