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Congratulations are in order for Chris Paul as he graduated from Winston-Salem State University!

Just hours after helping the Phoenix Suns defeat the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday, Paul traveled to North Carolina to attend his Winston-Salem State University graduation in person.

“When I was about to walk across the stage, there were nerves, there was an excitement, there was a feeling of completion,” Paul said reflecting on his accomplishment. “But knowing my family was there … I played many high school games in that Annex. And it was so dope to look over and see my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, my parents who had been there that whole time. And then to see, my wife, my kids, it just felt normal.”

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. The NBA star also presented a $2,500 gift to each of his fellow grads.

“I didn’t want it to be about me,” Paul said. “I was trying to make it as normal as possible. You know, all these students here have fought their butts off for a while to get their degree. And I wanted to make sure that in no way I was trying to show them up on their special day. They had a lot of family, loved ones that’s here to support them and to see them. And I just wanted to be a graduate just like that.”

Prior to entering the NBA draft as a sophomore, Paul was a star basketball player at Wake Forest from 2003 to 2005. In 2020, he went back to school at WSSU.

Over the years, Paul has made significant contributions to HBCUs and helped further awareness of these campuses.

At North Carolina A&T, he established an internship pipeline and produced a docuseries to draw attention to the underfunding of HBCU athletic departments. He has also participated in two basketball exhibitions including HBCUs.

“I speak about it every now and then when I get a chance, but I think HBCUs are so important for trying to make sure that we level the playing field,” he said. “Make sure that they’re provided with the same opportunities that a lot of these other schools are blessed with, and the guys are just as talented, if not more talented, they just need the platform. They need people to see them, to believe in them.”

Please join us as we congratulate the #PointGod himself, Chris Paul on this huge accomplishment!

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