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This is for the grown R&B lovers!

The first new Sade album in almost a decade is apparently in the works.

The Nigerian-born, Essex-bred soul icon nor her band broke the news on Monday, October 10th, but rather Brad Pitt and French producer Damien Quintard in a Billboard cover interview about their restoration and rebuilding of the historic Miraval Studios.

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“You could feel the love that she and the band had for this place,” Quintard said when discussing the rebuilding of the historic studios.

Quintard continued.

“And when we talked to musicians who came here previously, they all have this special connection with Miraval that can’t really be explained…It’s a dream come true to see this place activate again.”

According to a press statement announcing the Miraval cover story, the band is now working on a follow-up to Sade’s 2010 album Soldier of Love.

Sade’s most recent releases are the singles “Flower of the Universe” and “The Big Unknown,” which were made for the soundtracks of Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time and Steve McQueen’s Widows, respectively.

In 2018, band member Stuart Matthewman told Pitchfork that the group had previously written, “a bunch of songs” for their next album.

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Matthewman continued.

“[Sade’s] not interested in the fame or any of that [other] stuff. She likes to put out art,” Matthewman said at the time. “So when it’s ready, it will come out.”

The legendary recording sessions for Pink Floyd’s The Wall, The Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, The Cranberries’ Bury the Hatchet, AC/DC’s Blow Up Your Video, as well as two priceless Sade sophomore album Promise, and third album Stronger Than Pride, took place at Miraval Studios.

Miraval Studios was founded in 1977 by jazz pianist Jacques Loussi.

The band’s lead singer Helen Folasade Adu, who also goes by Sade, started backing up singing for the British band Pride, following a three-year fashion design program and a brief stint as a model.

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She established a composition collaboration with Pride guitarist and saxophonist Stuart Matthewman at this time, and with their band’s rhythm section as a backing, they started performing their own performances at Pride shows.

Since her solo renditions of the song “Smooth Operator” caught the attention of record labels, Sade and Matthewman left Pride in 1983 to form the band Sade with pianist Andrew Hale, bassist Paul Denman, and drummer Paul Cook.

The band started recording their debut album, Diamond Life, after signing a record deal, and it was released in July 1984.

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The band went on to release six studio albums between the years of 1985 to 2010.

Sade has prioritized her personal life over her professional career for the majority of the last 20 years, only releasing three studio albums of brand-new music during that time.

She has devoted a lot of her time and energy to her marriage to the Spanish film director Carlos Scola Pliego in 1989, the birth of her kid in 1996, and her migration from cosmopolitan London to rural Gloucestershire, where she currently resides with her partner.

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“You can only grow as an artist as long as you allow yourself the time to grow as a person,” Adu said.

She continued.

“We’re all parents, our lives have all moved on. I couldn’t have made Soldier of Love any time before now, and though it’s been a long wait for the fans – and I am sorry about that – I’m incredibly proud of it,” Adu expressed when reflecting on the delay in releasing music consistently.

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