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It’s his prerogative! 

Legendary singer Bobby Brown is giving fans an exclusive look inside his life with the debut of his A&E docu-series. 

At the height of his career, Brown spent $1 million in an afternoon as a growing younger star — simply because he could.  

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“Money was ginormous,” he stated. “I was bringing in so much money at such a young age. My dad didn’t have to work anymore. My mom didn’t have to work anymore.” 

In the A&E’s Biography: Bobby Brown docu-series, the singer opens up about his reckless spending habits after his departure from New Edition and the release of his sophomore album, Don’t Be Cruel.  

Growing up with little, he unexpectedly earned fame and fortune at 18 — and spent funds wildly. 

“I’d be driving down the street on the tour bus, see somebody in a car and like the car, pull the car over and buy the car,” he shared.  

The singer also revealed that he would buy cars and leave them at hotels and airports. 

“Pay [over $50,000] for a car and just leave it,” he said. “Wish I had those cars now.” 

Growing up in Roxbury’s Orchard Park Projects, the Boston native never imagined life as a massive star. Once he began to earn millions, his goal was to spend it. 

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“I was like: What? I’m gonna do it,'” the 53-year-old said. “And I spent a million dollars in one day.” 

How did he spend the money? Purchasing three watches, a car, and a house. 

AJ Alexander, Brown’s former bodyguard, recalled when he and Brown were at a mall and made a significant and sudden purchase. 

Brown observed a Black woman who went into a glass figure store, and the store employee treated the woman poorly. 

“Bob ended up buying the store and giving it to the lady,” Alexander recalled. “He went back the next day and told the guy he was fired. ‘Yo, you fired. You work for her now.'” 

Reflecting on his wild spending habits, Brown said, “And, uh, I wish I didn’t.” 

Brown later faced financial problems, which were magnified after his divorce from the late megastar Whitney Houston 

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A&E’s Biography: Bobby Brown — which will reveal more intimate details of Bobby Brown’s life as a star, airs Monday, May 30th at 8 pm ET/PT.   

Will you be tuning in?  

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