As mommy entrepreneurs and everyday working moms consistently balance the responsibilities of motherhood and their careers, being reminded to pour into themselves is always important.

With TV One’s May theme for Thank You Black Women being “Mommy Entrepreneurs,” we partnered with Not For Lazy Moms to share some important tips!

Founded by Monique Samuels, a former star on Bravo’s hit reality television series “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” NFLM is a community of resourceful women who are determined to accomplish their goals and are dedicated to helping one another succeed.

The organization also produces a podcast, where they share stories about overcoming obstacles, open up about every-day challenges, and share ideas and advice. Check out S3-E06: Mompreneur, which dives into the secrets of balancing life while also pursuing you entrepreneurial dreams.

Mommy entrepreneurs, these tips are just for you!

Remove the Guilt

It’s okay to focus on your business… it’s something that you love and enjoy. There will be moments where it consumes you and you have to reduce the quality time spent with family. After you build your business, establish a system that can help you to gain structure and free time by delegating work to others and allowing your business to work for you. This system then allows you to also have more quality time with your family again!

Establish a Schedule

Map out your schedule, meetings, availability and intentions with your team, partner, family, friends, etc. Establish office hours to help you to separate business from quality time spent with your family. Be intentional with the energy you are exerting as it relates to personal and professional time.

Drown Out The Noise

Identify techniques that you can use to drown out the noise and allow you to focus on your next goal. Communicate with your children the importance and love of your business so that they understand when you are spending time working on your business and the value of it. This allows you to have the necessary brain space for productivity and shows your children the importance of loving what they do.

Identify Your Support System

It is virtually impossible to do it all!  If you have a partner/family/friends, have open and honest conversations with them about the direction of your business, your role as a parent/spouse/entrepreneur. Allow them to challenge you so that you can continue to grow and have supportive pressure on your business. The people who see the beauty in your vision will come!

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