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She still holds her well-deserved title with over 20 years in the game!

Katrina Le’verne “Trina” Taylor was born December 3, 1973, in Miami, Florida. Growing up in the Liberty City area of Miami, Florida, she banked on becoming a real estate agent until fellow Miami icon Trick Daddy heard her unique rapping skills.

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Trick Daddy involved her in making his 1998 record, “Nann *****,” off his sophomore album, which shook the world and became a regional smash. After “Nann N****” saw significant success, the single entered the top three of Billboard Hot Rap Singles, which led to him taking a strong interest in her raw talent.

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Following this first success, Trina was signed to Slip-N-Slide Records and began working on her singing career, releasing her debut album “Da Baddest *****” on March 7, 2000.

After hearing Trina, a.k.a. the “Baddest,” the world couldn’t get enough, and the rest was history!

Here are our favorite songs by the “Baddest” herself!

Da Baddest B****

When you think of Trina and her countless hits, how can you not think of her debut single, “Da Baddest B****”?

Released in 1999, “Da Baddest B****” was the solo single off her debut album also entitled Da Baddest B****.

On the record, Trina declares herself the new queen of raunchy hip-hop tales, while the blaring Miami bass-style beat gives the perfect low tone for her below-the-belt rhymes.

Proving that she can hang with the big boys in the rap game, Trina carried the torch for female rappers like Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, who came before her.

And after Trina makes some significant demands on the track produced by the Black Mob, the hook asks, “who’s bad?” borrowing heavily from Michael Jackson’s famous “Bad.”

Pull Over

Whoop! Whoop!

Following the success of her solo debut track, Trina gave us another classic entitled “Pull Over.”

This 2000 smash hit had everyone blasting this song, especially when going to the beach. This song is the embodiment of Freaknik vibez. Using her beauty and charm, Trina declares herself the Baddest of the bad. Not only that, but she also had every woman feeling that way too!

Who can resist saying, “Sisqo made that song when he seen me in a THONG! TH-THONG! THONG! THONG!”

Here We Go

“Here We Go” is the second leading single off Trina’s third studio album entitled Glamorest Life.

“Here We Go” features Kelly Rowland was released in September 2005 and was built around a sample from Force MDs’ 1985 hit “Tender Love.”

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Giving us a much slower, less raunchy song, Trina gave fans a heartbreak song. After telling her significant other that she is tired of their cheating and lying, she ends the relationship.

After discovering that he has been seeing someone else, the news devastates Trina. However, she remembers that she is “too fly for this” and chooses herself and her happiness in the end.

Single Again

Proving that she’s still the “baddest,” Trina gave us another break-up anthem, this time with a different feel.

“Single Again” was the lead single off her fourth studio album, Still da Baddest released in 2007.

During an interview with Billboard, Trina said, “I’m stepping my game up like 10 notches…”

When asked what she thinks fans will be surprised to hear, she said, “I think definitely [“Single Again”] with me singing on the hook. That was so different.”

She added, “I was in the studio like, ‘Okay, I’m not a singer, so what am I doing?’ But I went from humming along in my head to making it a reality out loud. And when I sang the hook, everybody was like, ‘Oh, that’s crazy!’ It was a lot of fun for me.”

“Single Again” had everyone in their feelings and blasted it when ending a relationship.

Thank you, Trina. We needed that bop!

I Got a Thang for You

Following “Single Again”, “I Got a Thang for You’ is the second leading single off Trina’s fourth studio album, Still da Baddest.

Released in February 2008, this track features Keyshia Cole, and this was the song for expressing hidden emotions for someone you were attracted to, however, couldn’t find the words.

“I gotta thang for you baby you know. Don’t wanna take it slow. I wanna get to know ya. Don’t wanna play no games, listen to what I’m sayin. I gotta thang for you,” had everyone in their feelings, and we still play this song whenever the situation fits.

Trina will always be the “BADDEST” to ever touch the mic, and we at TV One want to give her well-deserved flowers!

What are your favorite Trina songs? List them down below!

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