Women Behind TV One | Kinyette Newman

SVP of Production Finance & Chief of Staff to the Office of the President

During Women’s History Month, the world highlights the contributions of women throughout history!

At TV One, we are celebrating Black women who have broken down barriers to excel against the odds in their fields, and whose actions have made profound and lasting impacts on American culture. Among the women paving the way and inspiring, uplifting, and empowering Black women, are actually those behind our network.

Join us throughout the month of March, as we pull back the curtain to highlight our own! In Q&A style, learn more about the women who make things happen every day at TV One with their hard work and dedication.

Introducing Kinyette Newman

What led you to TV One?

When the opportunity was presented to work for a black owned company it was a no brainer. The ability to work on content produced for the African-American community by the African-American community was a privilege.

Why is it important for women to have a seat at the table, especially in the entertainment industry?

Woman bring diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences to the table.

If you could only pick one, who is the most influential woman you know? And how does she inspire you?

I have many influential people in my life, but the most influential is my mom. She taught me morals and values to live by and has been my biggest role model and cheerleader who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I am the woman I am today because of her love and guidance.

What advice do you have for young women starting out in their careers?

1. View challenges as opportunities to grow.

2. Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams.

What legacy would you like to leave?

I think one of the greatest legacies to leave is having developed other leaders who will continue to develop and pass the torch to the next generation of leaders.

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