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Love is certainly in the air this Valentine’s Day, especially Black Love!

Love is a unifying force that each of us expresses in our unique way. When we add blackness into the equation, love may take on an extraordinary strength passed down through generations.

When it comes to Black love, it’s a different kind of romance. It’s breathtaking!

And despite mainstream media portraying Black love as a constant struggle, painful and toxic, it’s actually genuine and astounding.

On this annual day of love, TV One is sharing our favorite television couples that embody Black love to celebrate!

Dwayne and Whitley

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When it comes to displaying Black love, Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert are the GOATS!

Although it took Whitley forever to admit her mutual feelings, there was no denying their love — especially when Dwayne interrupted Whitley’s wedding.

Let’s face it, everyone wanted to have that Pookie and Bunny love.

Synclaire and Overton


Overton was our favorite Brooklyn handyman and Synclaire was our favorite quirky receptionist at Flavor.

This couple gave us one of the most heartfelt love tales ever seen on television.

Martin and Gina

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We LOVE a playful couple! Any couple that can laugh and is silly together is #couplegoals.

Martin Payne and Gina Waters, later Gina Payne had jokes on deck.

Sure, Martin was a lot, but he and Gina stuck behind each other through the ups and downs, and we love that for them.

George and Weezy

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How can you not love these two??

Ok, sure, George wasn’t the friendliest person, but you can’t say he didn’t love his wife, Weezy.

Florida and James

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Here’s our favorite Chi-town couple!

It seems like Florida and James were on top when it came to Black love. They held each other down, despite the daily struggles their family faced.

And they loved each other dearly to the very end. That’s what you call love!

Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv

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When it came to the Banks’ marriage, there was never a boring moment. They knew how to keep the spark within their union.

Heathcliff and Clair

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The Huxtables will always be remembered as the untouchable Black couple.

They were successful, gorgeous and overall loving. Both Heathcliff and Clair kept it steamy with their waltz to vintage jazz and delicious foot rubs despite raising five children and three grandchildren.

Rochelle and Julius


Rochelle and Julius ran a tight ship as they disciplined their household. But it’s no doubt about it, they loved each other and their family.

Even though their eldest son Chris saw his family as dysfunctional, this partnership proved that a little tough love isn’t always a bad thing.

Bernie and Wanda


Even though these two didn’t have their own biological children, we adored how Bernie and Wanda worked together and loved each other while raising his nieces and nephew.

Carl and Harriette

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We appreciate the marriage that Carl and Harriette had.

Laura worked as an elevator operator and was the patient, talkative one, whereas police sergeant Carl relied on his wife to keep him in check.

What’s not to love about these couples?